The story is created from the author's imagination and true event

Breaking the Chains of a Mother’s Curse

In the quiet corners of my mind, the echoes of my mother’s relentless words linger like haunting whispers. “You’re going to fail,” she would ominously declare, casting a shadow over my future as bleak as the one my father once confronted.

Amidst the tempest of doubt, I summoned a reservoir of strength to defy the dire prophecies she spoke and carve out a destiny uniquely my own. The storm of adversity may have raged, but within its tumult, I discovered an unyielding resolve, a force that propel

Veiled Tears

Lina had always been the girl with a radiant smile, the one who brightened up any room she entered. But beneath that façade of happiness lay a deep and painful secret that she hid from everyone, even herself. It all began after a fateful summer evening when her life took a tragic turn.

The incident occurred at a bonfire party in the woods. The night was filled with laughter, music, and the crackling of the fire. Lina, known for her vivacious personality, was the life of the party, dancing aroun

The Family Betrayer

Dr. Rachel Mitchell had always believed in the power of therapy to heal wounds and mend broken spirits. For over two decades, she had dedicated her life to helping individuals navigate the labyrinth of their minds, guiding them towards emotional well-being. But today, as she sat in her dimly lit office, her belief was being put to the ultimate test.

The door creaked open, and a figure emerged from the shadows. It was Sarah, a woman in her early thirties, with haunted eyes that seemed to have se

Resurrecting Love: The Soul Resonator Experiment

In a world where reincarnation was not just a spiritual concept but a scientifically proven phenomenon, Dr. Keya Stone was a renowned scientist and a grieving widow. She had lost her beloved husband, Nick, in a tragic accident, and the pain of his absence haunted her every day. She couldn’t accept that their time together had ended, not when she knew that there was a chance, a remote possibility, to bring him back.

The scientific community had long debated the ethics and feasibility of reincarn

From Pain to Poetry

She walks through life with a heavy heart,

Always feeling like she’s playing a part,

In a never-ending drama of love and pain,

Where every relationship ends the same. She tells herself she’s just unlucky in love,

But deep down she knows it’s something above,

The fear of being honest and true,

The fear of opening up and being vulnerable too. She’s scared of what the truth might reveal,

That maybe love is not what she truly feels,

That she’s been using it as a shield,

To protect herself f

The Story of the Girl and a Crocodile

The Story of the Girl and a Crocodile

A Girl from a village in the middle of the forest is playing soccer on the riverbank. Accidentally, she dropped her favorite ball into the river. The Girl was sad because she couldn’t take the ball.

While she was sad, a Crocodile came to the surface and asked what made the Girl sad. The Girl then told what happened to the Crocodile and promised to do anything when the ball came back.

The Crocodile helped the Girl by taking the ball to the bottom of a deep

Behind the Secrets of the Hospital Walls

Chapter 2 of Thus God Dressed the Grass

Once my sister and I positively Covid-19 dad and mama want to do a Swab test. As I thought, my whole family was positive. They could perform insulation independently at home for 5 days, but in the end, mama and dad had to be hospitalized because their body saturation continued to decline. Dozens of hospitals have been contacted, but I never get an empty room, none of them.

After contacting some of the closest connections, mom and dad finally got a room a

Endless Sadness

These days I can’t focus on one thing. I do many things simultaneously, but in retrospect, doing housework simultaneously and doing office work is very unlikely. At night, I started to feel restless, actually this feeling of restlessness every day, but there are days when this feeling of restlessness is more dominant than other feelings.

Tonight I feel like I have to cry. I’m confused about whether to watch a sad movie, let alone provoke my tears. Nothing bothered me today; everything went smoo

The Shadow Self

After moving to Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, Sanda and I have always spent time together. All activities are fun if done with her. Sanda is a person who means a lot to me. Her maturity makes me calm in living life. Her open-mindedness allows me to see the world from various sides.

I went to art school in America, while Sanda chose to attend the Military Academy. I had a long debate about her decision to select the Military Academy, but her determination was so strong that other peop

Thus God Dressed the Grass

July 17, 2021, my stepfather died due to Covid-19, which attacked his body. His departure was so painful because he was the figure who guided me, both about daily life and college life. But, what hit me even more, was that I selfishly brought the virus into the house and attacked my entire family.

It all started with a mandatory event at my college, studying Tourism, which was undoubtedly the happiest opportunity to undertake field study activities outside when the city prevailed social boundar

Gadis Broken Home

Pada hari ibuku meninggal, aku menarik diri dari dunia, benar-benar mati rasa. Aku tidak menangis karena aku tidak ingin percaya dia sudah pergi. Ibuku adalah batu karang yang membuatku tetap membumi. Hanya dia dan aku di dunia ini, setidaknya setelah ayahku pergi mengkhianati kami. Seharusnya aku menghabiskan lebih banyak waktu dengannya. Seharusnya aku memberitahunya, mengingatkannya setiap hari, betapa aku mencintainya. Betapa bersyukurnya aku atas semua yang dia lakukan untukku. Tapi sudah t

Titik Koma Kehidupan Wanita Depresi

Tidak ada satu cerita atau satu pengalaman yang dapat membuat seseorang secara benar-benar memahami bagaimana depresi mengubah kehidupan kita yang menderita karenanya.

Saya tidak dapat membuat siapa pun mengerti bagaimana depresi itu bekerja, tetapi saya dapat memberi tahu Anda bagaimana hal itu mengubah hidup saya, dan mungkin itu akan membantu orang untuk memahaminya.

Saya percaya bahwa saya dapat dicintai, bahwa saya tidak sendirian, dan bahwa saya diinginkan. Beberapa teman dalam hidup say

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