Hi, I'm Lysti!

Social Media Marketing & Digital Copywriter

Welcome to my portfolio! Here, you'll find everything from compelling articles and strategic social media campaigns to meticulously crafted digital copy, photography, exclusive interviews, and more...

What Can I Do?

🎴Social Media Marketing

🚀Event Management

⌨️Digital Copywriting

📸Portrait Photography

My Latest Thoughts

🎬Welcome to the Multiverse of Scriptwriting🎧


Tech and Teens

Welcome to 'Tech and Teens,' where we plunge headfirst into the wild world of digital dilemmas that today's teens face. I'm your host, Lysti Rahma. Join me as we explore the challenges of online connectivity and reboot the teen-to-adult transition in today's tech-dominated age. Stay connected for candid conversations, expert interviews, and real-life stories—your go-to resource for thriving in the digital era.

So...Why Choose Me?

Hello there! I'm not just your average content enthusiast – I'm the creative strategist you've been searching for. Writing isn't merely a job for me; it's my passion, my playground where I blend creativity with a strategic mindset.

My journey in the realm of content has taken me from startups to multinational giants, and I've reveled in the diverse challenges each platform has thrown my way.

What sets me apart? It's my storytelling prowess, always finely tuned to the ever-evolving landscape of trend analysis and market research. My words don't just exist; they carve a path for visibility and engagement, ensuring your content stands out in the digital crowd.

In my free time, I love reading webtoons and novels, watching movies and Korean TV shows, listening to my Spotify playlist for the hundredth time, cooking, and spending quality time with my partner.


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